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Trusted by more than 300 companies. We make life more meaningful by celebrating special moments.

Gift card brands

We offer customers the widest range of gift cards in The Netherlands, Belgium and in the UK from all major retailers and all well-known brands. Over 400 brands are part of the gift card platforms. Always the perfect gift for every occasion and always something suitable in its range.


Retail companies

We work closely with well-known supermarkets, kiosks and convenience stores to spread our gift card concepts widely. Convenient sales points for both customers and retailers.


B2B clients

We work together with many B2B clients to provide their relations and employees with gift cards in the most efficient way.


Our resellers

We also work together with resellers for which our gift cards become part of a giftset. These giftsets contain several products and are given to our resellers' relations and partners.


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